A Personal On-line Library Account will let you:
- View what you currently have checked out
- View what you have on hold
- R
e-new any checked-out items
- Review your fines 


 To begin the process, you must first have your Library card number. You can get this by either stopping in or calling the Library.

The website we use is:  springlakelibrary.follettdestiny.com (you will automatically be directed to this web address once you click on the link at the bottom of this page)

After you click on the link below you will:

- Click on Create an Account box in the upper right hand corner

Put in your last name and patron number- (Bar Code is your Patron Number)

Follow the prompts to create an account with a personal Sign In name

Be sure to keep record of your Sign In Name and Password.  After you have created an Account,  always use the Log In button in the top right corner to access it.

 So. . .  just Click on the link below to get started:

Spring Lake Library Catalog



1501 Third Avenue

Spring Lake, NJ 07762